Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sometimes Entertaining a Two Year Old is Easy

My little girl loves playing in the car.  I've found that I like it, too.  It is a guilt free way for me to read blogs and forums while she plays happily next to me.  So thankful for wireless internet and my husband's laptop :)

Today we got home from a meeting and she didn't want to go in the house; she wanted to stay in the car.  Okay!  We went into the house for her to earn an m&m (used to be Recess Pieces), got a bag of chips and the laptop, and out we went.  The sun was too bright on my screen so I sat in the back seat.

After a half hour of contented play and reading, it was time to go in for Sunflower to earn a Rolo.  However, the back seat has child locks and cannot be opened from inside.  So I climbed to the front and got out.  Then I spent about 10 minutes trying to turn off the hazards.  I almost called Oak for help, but Sunflower came to help me instead.  We fiddled with all kinds of buttons.  (Be careful starting the van, Honey.)

Finally success and the end of our adventure.  No Rolo was earned but a pair of underwear did get flushed down the toilet.  I promise it was an accident and not a desire to get out of laundry.  They're really little; I don't think we'll need a plumber.

On the up side, when Sunflower asked for a pony for lunch I immediately realized she meant Bologna--which she assured me we had since Daddy had bought some; she was right.

For those of you that don't visit my photography blog--here is my wonderful threesome:


Ebendy said...

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Becky said...

Oh, potty training isn't going so well over here, either--although I'd kill for your progress!! Jax will not even consider it. Maybe I'll have to try Reese's Pieces--M & Ms just aren't cutting it! Adorable pictures of your little ones!