Friday, April 15, 2011

I Want Candy!--Why Doesn't She?

I am working on a post about the things I learned at the MOPS Summit I attended two weeks ago, but when I went to create the link to the speaker's website, I got sucked into reading some of their posts.  Then I dealt with 2 missed opportunities for a Rolo and 1 missed opportunity for a m&m (all within 1/2 hour).  Now I have a head ache and another missed Rolo to fix, so I'm just going to give you their link.   Dale and Jonalyn Fincher were great speakers.  I still plan to share what I learned from what they had to say, but today feel free to go meet them for yourself.   

I hate potty training.  Good thing I love this girl.
Just in case you were not certain--yes, it is a Blue's Clues potty seat around her middle and I did clean her up before finishing this post (but after taking a few pictures.)


Serline said...

Have you enlisted Elmo's help? We got Narelle potty-trained well before she turned two, thanks to the little red Muppet and his dad's little musical item ;-P

Nancy said...

That is SO funny! Your girl can really accessorize!

Sarah said...

Oh man that pic is so silly! Love it!