Friday, June 7, 2013

Tuesday at the Park

Because Auntie L doesn't have facebook but does still check my blog though I've been bad about are some of my favorite pictures of Sweet Pea at our first MOPS park day of the summer.  
Let us start with the swings...

And stay at the swings!

Okay, let's explore some more.  Easy baby stairs...I don't even have to crawl!

Slides just my size!

Mommy, help up!  No.  Mommy help down!

This, this is too high.  Why isn't Huckleberry here to help?

What?  Yes, I can...and she did. 

Motor boat, motor boat...

Look!  I match the tunnel!

What?  I'm not supposed to just kneel here for ten minutes?

Time to go.  Lots of kids here, but none of them are mine.
This is the first time Sweet Pea has gone to the park without at least Sunflower.  She had a good time and explored everything...small and large...but she did tire out fairly quickly.  Next time the others will finally be on summer break then we'll see how long she can last.

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