Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday -- The Swing

I had a week where I had time to write and nothing interesting (even to me!) to say.  Now I have a lot to say and no time to write.  The sun is out and it is time to play.
We got a new swing for the backyard swing set.  She only looks serious when it slows down.
Why we waited so long to buy a baby swing I do not know.

She didn't care who pushed her... long as it was fast and high...
...which thrilled Sunflower as she still isn't positive Sweet Pea likes her.
But at some point Sunflower wants to swing, too...and while she is diligently "practicing that way to swing that Major Awesome taught me" sometimes she wants to be pushed, too.
So everyone had fun when big brother began pushing both girls.
Or there is the moment when Sweet Pea laughs and laughs and laughs because big brother is on top of the swing set looking down at her.
"Silly brother!" says Sunflower. 
Of course the swing isn't the only thing to do.  

There is the roam around the yard option.
And the slides.  But really there is no doubt.
The swing is a big hit!
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Michelle said...

Fun, beautiful, joy-filled pictures. Looks so sunny and warm. We are in the middle of a snow storm.

Hannah said...

These are so sweet! Those happy faces can't help but make you smile :)

Andrea Dawn said...

Another lovely set of photos . . . your kids are just so delightful.