Sunday, October 7, 2012

One of Each

I really do have four children, and except for school, we usually do spend most of our time together as a family...though I had the blessing misfortune of missing the last Costco trip.  Oak said it all went just fine.

But I still do not have a decent photo of the four of them together...even if we were all at the same park.

Sweet Pea:

 (What?  You don't all wear your Chinese outfits to a random afternoon at the park?)


You may be able to guess the main culprit of why our group shots have not been panning out.  I didn't even attempt it this time.  Maybe next time.

Ni Hao Yall 


No Greater Love said...

ha the pictures. That outfit of Sunflower's is just TOOOOO cute.

Andrea Dawn said...

All of your children are just beautiful, the girls in a girly way and the boys in the handsome way. Love Sunflower's Chinese outfit.

Sophi Belle said...

You have gorgeous children! I'd love a Chinese outfit for my girls. :)