Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

I can't believe my photo was chosen to be featured on Sunday Snapshot last week, and I almost missed it!  I could blame it on getting the car fixed, school starting, first MOPS meeting of the year, a night in the city photowalk with my photoclub, a surprise enrolling of Sunflower in preschool, even less sleep than usual, or an eye infection that made looking at the computer painful...or I can just be glad today is a new week and my photo got featured with some seriously spectacular work!
Ni Hao Yall

Last Friday marked 4 months of Sweet Pea in our arms.  Kind of unbelievable, it has gone so fast!  And she has grown so much.  She is so much more affectionate and louder and adventurous.  She even spent her first day in church childcare at MOPS last week...with Huckleberry who had not yet started school.  She had no problem;  Mommy was weepy (which is so not like me!)  So I should probably share one of my photos from my night walk or start giving some of my other children some blog attention*, but we'll just go with another one of my sweet Sweet Pea.

Ni Hao Yall

* My photo blog with this week's Scavenger Hunt does have some of those photos.Photobucket


Susan said...

She's beautiful! And congrats for your picture being chosen.


No Greater Love said...

I saw that your picture was chosen....I was so excited for you. :)