Friday, September 14, 2012

Preschool for Sunflower

Can you tell who is excited about going to preschool?
Today is open house and Monday she starts M-F 9:00-11:30.  All summer I'd been praying about preschool.  The boys had not gone, but it seemed like it would be a good thing for Sunflower, and possibly even Sweet Pea and I.  But except for praying, I didn't do anything.  I didn't research.  I didn't look at tweaking the budget.  I pretty much figured it was a no go.

Then a week ago on Wednesday night we got the call that our district was starting a new, free preschool the only caveat was you actually lived here.  Thursday we went in to see what it was about and by Thursday afternoon, Sunflower was enrolled.

I truly believe that this is God's hand giving Sunflower what she needs at this particular point in her life.  I'm not sure how to explain how I am confident that this is something Sunflower needs.  The boys did fine without it.  She likes being home with Sweet Pea and I while the boys are at school.  It will help her academically...she doesn't recognize all her letters yet...but I was not worried that she would pick it up this year without school.  But this is something just for her.  Something to give her play, friends, and stimulation.  Something God provided because He knows and loves her (and I.)

And I KNOW she thinks it is great.  In order to enroll her by Thursday afternoon, Sunflower needed 5 vaccinations.  For the first time ever she sat brave and still on my lap for her shots.  No need for 2 extra nurses and Daddy to be there.
 So proud of my big girl.


Eric Szvoboda said...

Great story about your Sunflower! She is so cute. It is true that we hope the best for our kids but not do any research on what is best for them. Great job finding a good place for her!

No Greater Love said...

So cute! I am so happy for the gift that God has provided for you and Sunflower. :)