Friday, November 2, 2012


I believe I have officially completed the cycle of a China Adoption Blog.  According to the cycle I'm to either stop blogging, go private, or morph into a photography blog.  I'll let you guess which one happened.

Now, I'm not actually happy about this.  After all I have a photo blog.  There are times I want to sit down a write out my deep, oh so important thoughts on...well, lots of things.  But even typing this I've been interrupted 3 4 far.  Photos are easier than writing, especially if I want to write something witty or funny.

Maybe you all are reading along because you enjoy the photos.  I can actually believe they may be more interesting than my chaotic ramblings, but someday again I will be posting more words than photos.  That is a myself.  How else will I remember what I thought about the movie Somewhere Between?
I have an insane number of photos with my girls holding either a rock...

In the meantime, I hope my kids are cute enough for you, because I really do like thinking there is at least one person reading along. 
or a stick.  What is up with that?


Bonnie, Jim, Ainsley and Sofie said...

I am reading :)

No Greater Love said...

You so know that I am still reading you. :o) Can you believe that all those years of waiting are finished. I read your first sentence over and over...."I have officially completed the cycle." I love those words. They make me so happy.

But, as long as you keep writing, I'll keep stalking.... :)

Oh...and I think Sunflower looks younger with her hair short. As a mom, I really like that, because I don't like them growing up too fast. So, I think it's really neat that she looks younger.... It's like time really did rewind.... :)

The Johnsons said...

Hey, where'd all that hair go? We chopped off girl hair over here too!